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When you are on the move search properties from your mobile or PDA:


360 Terra, specializes in providing integral services to international clients who want to rent or buy a property in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and its surrounding areas.

Property Search

A property search is the first step for either renting or buying. We ofer two alternatives:

Website search - Browse for the properties available in our website.
Custom search - If you don´t find in our website what you are looking for, 360 Terra can perform a custom search. All you need to do is tell us your set of preferences. We will perform the customized search and present you all available options.


Renting in Punta through 360 Terra is very easy through the following procedure:

  1. Choose a property either on our website or through custom search.
  2. Confirm your intention to rent by either:
    • Clicking ´I´m interested´ on the website search results. You will find a form where you can specify if you want to rent the property, you want more info or you want to choose from other available options. We will follow up by mail and/or telephone.
    • Sending us a mail with the property ID and dates you are interested in.
    • Chatting online with a member of our team.
    • Giving us a phone call.
  3. You will receive via e-mail (with electronic signature) a lease contract detailing the rental conditions.
  4. Reply to the mail with an acceptance message.
  5. Make a 50% deposit of total charges on our european, american or uruguayan bank account, according to your residency.
  6. Once your deposit has been verified, you will be notified by mail.
  7. Prior to the rental date you must deposit the remaining 50% plus the rental Security Deposit.
  8. Once your deposit has been verified, you will be notified by mail.
  9. We will contact you to coordinate arrival time.
  10. Meet at the property (or at some other point) with our representative who will show and explain you details of the house and give you the kees.
  11. Start enjoying your holidays!
General Conditions

360 Terra´s commission is 10% + VAT of rental price. VAT is 22%.
commission is not included in rental prices shown.
Example: a US$ 5.000 rental would carry a commission of US$ 500 + US$ 110 (22%VAT), totalling US$ 610.

Security Deposit

A 20% of the rent price will be required as a Security Deposit, as mentioned on procedure Ner 7.
The deposit will serve two purposes:
A. Pay for utility bills generated during the rental period.
B. Guarantee property damages.
The security deposit will be returned at the end of the rental period after having verified the property and paid the due utility bills.


At 360 Terra, we understand the many uncertainties involved in the process of buying a property abroad.

For this reason, we offer a comprehensive set of services, either directly or through our selected Service Providers, designed to help you asses all available options and procedures.

Uruguay provides foreign investors with the same full property rights its own citizens have. Buying and owning property in Uruguay is extremely secure because property law is very developed and guarantees all parties its property rights. There are strict public registers that register the exact situation of every property in the country.

These registers are checked at the time of buying a property so that the buyer can verify the actual legal status of the property. Transactions must by documented by a Public Notary who is asigned and paid for by the buyer. The Notary will be responsible for verifying in the public registers that the property is apt for sale.

Standard procedure for buying property in uruguay.

One of the most critical aspects that foreign investors must evaluate are TAX implications according to their country of residency and their overall tax situation.

For this reason, we have selected as Service Providers three of the most prestigious TAX Consultants in Uruguay specializing in North American and European tax systems respectively. All firms work closely with counterparts in those regions.

General Conditions

360 Terra´s commission is 3% + VAT of sale price. VAT is 22%.
Commission is not included in sale prices shown.

Project management

Buying a property abroad and taking care of it subsequently is not an easy task. Even more so if your project includes renovation or construction.

For this reason we provide a ´project management´ service through wich we will work with you in order to choose, hire, coordinate and supervise the Service Providers that will be needed to carry out your investment iniciative.

360 Terra can act as your local representative assigning a ´project manager´ who will be personally responsible for coordination, execution and reporting.

General Conditions

Project management fees are determined on a per project basis according to specific needs.

Property management

Once the sale process is finished, you need to take care of your new property. And what is most important, you must make sure it is in optimal condition for when you want to occupy it.

360 Terra can take care of what it takes:

  • Pay due bills such as utilities and taxes.
  • Maintain account relationships with attorney, accountant, and insurance agent.
  • Carry out periodic property inspections.
  • Report to you property maintenence status in order to make decisions.
  • Hire, coordinate and supervise all the services needed for carrying out the maintenance, repairs, and improvements needed.
  • Respond immediatelly to the security company´s call in case the property alarm goes off.
  • Hire housekeeping services when required.
  • Offer your property for rental if you are not occupying.
  • Make sure everything is in optimal condition for the time you plan to occupy.
General Conditions

Annual fee of 0,5% of the property´s market value (with a minimum of USD 100 monthly), due at the beggining of the period.

Other services

360 Terra takes care of all your needs while you occupy either your own property, or when you are renting. These services include arrangements for housekeeping services, car rentals, ticket reservations, social events invitations and restaurant reservations.