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360 Terra welcomes owners who are willing to offer their properties either for rent or sale.

As you probably know, demand for Punta del Este properties by north american and european citizens has increased dramatically in the past few years driving the real estate market upwards especially for upscale properties.

Please contact me regarding the listing of my property at 360 Terra.
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Upon receiving your petition, we will contact you to explain in detail our business conditions as well as coordinating a visit to the property to shoot the pictures needed for our website.

Please fill the data with your name, a valid email, phone and mobile numbers.

At 360 Terra we look forward to adding your property as a valuable option for our clients.

If you decide to do so, we will present to you, as a special gift, a copy of the book ´Antiguas Estancias del Uruguay Tomo II´.

It is only a small way of expressing our gratitude for your confidence in our business.

Irureta Goyena Gomensoro, Javier.
Irureta Goyena Ediciones, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2000

Why should you offer your property through 360 Terra? Because we...

  • Provide the one-stop solution foreign tourists and investors are looking for.
  • Have local International Representatives who are actively seeking investors.
    Presence in: Uruguay, Spain, USA and Panama.
  • Offer mobile and PDA property search for instant access wherever our potencial customer is.
    Specially useful when the customer is already in Punta del Este.
  • Follow a customer aquisition strategy heavily based on the internet which is by far the primary method chosen by foreigners to search for renting and investing opportunities.
    We advertise heavily on main search engines, upscale social networking sites and relevant web portals of our target markets.

In short, all of the above improve the chances of renting or selling your property at its maximum value and in the shortest time possible.