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About us

360 Terra / International Realty, was founded by Sancho Pardo Santayana as a response to the increasing interest in Uruguayan real estate by North American and European investors. Through one of his other ventures, La Calera Emprendimientos Turísticos, Sancho received constant inquiries about Uruguayan real estate by international clients who stayed at La Calera´s rural resort.

As a result of this increasing demand, 360 Terra was founded on the grounds of providing integral real estate services, not only in Uruguay but in selected international real estate ´hot spots´.

Currently, the company has operations in Uruguay, USA, Panama and Spain.

Our Team
Sancho Pardo Santayana
Managing Partner

Sancho is an active entrepreneur who has lived and conducted business in Europe, South America and the United States. He founded or co-founded the following ventures: La Calera Emprendimientos Turísticos, developer, amongst others, of the industry leading equestrian resort La Calera; Crisis Rescue Consulting, a consulting firm specialized in advising small businesses in distress; POKsMedia, a mobile internet company based in Europe.

Sancho has an innovative personality which is reflected in his professional life as well as in his private activities. Sculpture, marketing and piloting are three of his greatest passions.

He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of Business (Philadelphia) in 1994.

He was married in 2002, and has two daughters.

Graciela Ferrara
Head of Operations - Uruguay

City of residence: Montevideo
Nationality: Uruguayan

Graciela has 20 years experience in providing support to customers in the hospitality and real estate industries. She has a passion for what she does and will go to extreme lengths to provide all the assistance our clients need.

She is responsible for our property management service.

Mercedes Fernández
International Agent - Spain

City of residence: Madrid
Nationality: Spanish

Mercedes knows the ins and outs of investing abroad as well as relocating to new destinies. She has lived in Miami, New York, London and Buenos Aires amongst other cities and has broad experience in offering advice to international people who are considering foreign investments.

Through a successful carrier of raising financing for international art events end exhibitions, she has a rich network of contacts in the international investment community.

Jovita Burgaz
International Agent - USA

City of residence: Miami
Nationality: Spanish

Having lived in Madrid, Miami, New York, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, Jovita has a profound understanding of the needs of an international real estate investor who needs an integral set of services to fulfill his or her investment.

Jovita has held positions in the Spanish companies Telefónica and Banco Santander where she was a private Banking officer.

Lucrecia Daniele
International Agent - Panama

City of residence: Panama City
Nationality: Uruguayan

Lucrecia is a Punta del Este investor herself. Currently she resides in Panama where she is developing new real estate ventures amongst other initiatives.

She knows the Punta del Este market as the palm of her hand which allows her to give excellent advice for investment opportunities. She travels to Uruguay several times a year, allowing her to keep constantly updated on the market dynamics.