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Punta del Este, Uruguay

Ref.: #MON102

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Jan 1st fortnight 19.400
Jan 2nd fortnight 15.200
February 16.600
Feb 1st fortnight 9.100
Feb 2nd fortnight 9.100
26/12 al 31/01 27.700

50% upon confirmation.
50% before rental period begins.

Payments in euros are accepted. Yahoo finance exchange rates will be used to calculate payment amounts.


The property will be fully cleaned and beds made before your arrival.

The kitchen will be equiped wih some basics such as coffee, sugar, water and soft drinks.

I would like to:
Reserve this property for rental (Subject to confirmation).
Upon receiving your petition we will verify availability with the owner of the property and inform you within 24 hours.

By selecting this option, we will proceed with the pre-reservation of the property in the terms described under Operation Details (see panel to the left).

Please select the desired rental period.

If the property is available for the specified period you will receive an e-mail with payment instructions and a copy of the lease contract.
(See model of lease contract here)

At this time, we will grant you a priority period of three working days (starting the day after that we confirmed the availability), to allow for the reception of the initial 50% payment.

Payments must be made through bank transfer to our American, European or Uruguayan bank account, according to your place of residence.

A credit card guarantee is required to make the reservation and to grant the priority period in case the availability is confirmed. If the initial 50% payment is received within the priority period, the credit card will NOT be charged. If your payment is not received, a 30% penalty will apply.

The priority period will be extended for three more working days if you send us proof that the bank transfer was already initiated.

Visit this property before deciding.

Select a day or range of dates (7 days a week) when you will be available to visit the property, so we can make all necessary arrangements.

Consider that it is convenient to confirm the rental at least two to three months before the rental period starts. Otherwise chances are that the property will no longer be available.

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