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Swan Lake Forest, Solanas

Maldonado, Punta del Este, Uruguay
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Swan Lake Forest, Solanas, Punta del Este, Maldonado, Uruguay
Development information
Completion date

July 2011


Grupo Royal Vlaams S.A.


Gómez Platero Arquitectos

Construction company:



USD 121.317


We introduce Swan Lake Forest, a rare and exquisite opportunity of owning a property in a unique setting, at the outskirts of Punta del Este. Charmingly situated at a three minute-distance from the bay of Solanas, where the beach unfurls for several kilometers and the Atlantic Ocean exhibits its imposing calm, and fifteen minutes from the peninsula of Punta del Este, Swan Lake Forest is a magical place. It lies on a hillside of Las Cumbres de la Ballena, and the project overlooks a stunning landscape of the sea and Laguna del Sauce, framed by the Sugarloaf hill. The view is infinite, and the place is pure inspiration…
We invite you to enjoy the performance.
Swan Lake Forest is a unique composition of beauty and peace, conceived on 50 hectares of forests where nature vibrates and dances to the tune of peerless sunsets, views and landscapes. As a resident of Swan Lake Forest you will enjoy a wide variety of benefits and privileges. If you want to enhance your healthy lifestyle, long walks can be enjoyed through winding paths, or warm dips in the Club House swimming-pool, after exercising in the gym. If your sport of preference is tennis, the clay courts adjacent to the Club House are there for you to use, or you can play paddle-tennis after breakfast in one of Swan Lake Forest’s two courts. If you are a golfer, your can practice your sport in one of the best courses in South America, the Club del Lago, which is recognized internationally as the Augusta of South America. If you prefer water sports, you may practice kayaking, windsurf or laser on the Laguna del Sauce, or take part in the sailing races organized by the local yacht clubs. Your property will have an exclusive gourmet cuisine, but you may also have lunch or dinner at the exquisite "Restaurant Odette", or have a drink with your friends after tennis at the "Bar Sigfrido". To complement your activities, an exclusive concierge service is at your service to organize any extra activities, like long horse rides on the beach or the forest; you will realize that the lifestyle at Swan Lake Forest has been tuned to enhance yours.
Here the leaves of the trees whistle in the wind, and dawn breaks in a glorious overture and the allegro of the day capers towards the adagio of the sunset. Here the sinuous paths flow towards a magical and elegant spot. Here is where the sound of the sea is the secret ruler of what to do. Here is where you will want to attend the performance and cheer to the rhythm of life... here, in Swan Lake Forest.

Units / Lot types
Plot N° 36    
Total Surface (m2): 1003 Price: USD 121.317
Terrace Surface (m2): 0    

NE. Peninsula view

Actualizado Enero 2013

Plot Nº 46    
Total Surface (m2): 2781 Price: USD 428.217
Terrace Surface (m2): 0    

SE. Peninsula, lake and sea view

Actualizado Enero 2013

Plot N° 13    
Total Surface (m2): 3017 Price: USD 374.086
Terrace Surface (m2): 0    

NW. Lake and sea view

Actualizado Enero 2013

  • -Located 5’ from Laguna del Sauce International Airport
    -Located 3’ from Playa Solanas and 15’ from Punta del Este
    -Club House
    -Concierge Service
    -Business Center
    -Restaurant and Bar
    -4 tennis courts
    -2 paddle tennis courts
    -Heated swimming-pool
    -Playroom (chess, bridge, pool, etc.)
    -Kids’ area
    -Beach Service
    -Maid service
    -Laundry service
    -Gardening service
    -Property maintenance service
Financing Options
  • 10% at reservation.
    40% at contract.
    50% when infrastructure is complete.
    There is flexibility in considering other financial structures.